David Ross

David Ross was born in 1967 in East London and lived and worked there until moving to rural Norfolk in 2016.

He is a restless and eccentric artist who touches every instrument with his own unpredictable and disorientating sound.

David is a maker of bizarre electronics such as The Davestation, The Drosscilator, and is reportedly the only musician to have composed an album entirely using an analogue synthesizer built into a kettle. Alongside these devises, he also plays more conventional instruments such as Jew’s Harp, Drums, Kalimba and Kantele.

He drummed in the 90s cult band Kenny Process Team and is currently a member of Twinkle3.

Releases by David Ross

Stochastic Moods
David Ross
Unpredictable micro-rhythms awkwardly roaming across an electronic wasteland.
Stochastic Moods on Cusp Editions
Stochastic Moods on Cusp Editions
Stochastic Moods on Cusp Editions

In ‘A Conceptual Framework for Consciousness’, Dr. Joachim Keppler elaborates on Quantum Stochastic Electrodynamic (SED) theoryto suggest that consciousness is a fundamental property of the universe rather than a material creation of the human brain.

Functioning as a resonant stochastic oscillator, the brain modulates with an all-pervasive radiation field of infinite energy and potential, termed the zero- point field (ZPF). The brain selectively filters resonant frequencies from the field’s spectrum into states of relative stability or balance situations that come to comprise our experience of consciousness.

Keppler compares the ZPF to Prana, the omnipresent ‘vital principle’ or life-force described in Hindu philosophy. It is believed that all forces of the human mind, (indeed the universe), are modifications of the life-force Prana. Ancient Indian philosophy and SED consciousness theory seem to share the notion that mind and matter are based on the same universal substrate and that their interdependence causes matter to shape consciousness and vice-versa.

I started thinking of improvising with control-voltage electronics as a parallel to these processes, regarding the electrical field as a metaphor for the zero- point field or vital principle.

Composing with volatile analogue systems now seemed an endeavour to distil stable voltage-states from the infinitely random potential of the electrical field, to determine audible balance situations for musical contemplation. Stochastic Moods is a paean to the joy of experiencing a pleasantly unexpected thought or feeling as it enters into consciousness.

D. Ross 6/03/2017

Composed and Performed by David Ross
Instruments: Davestation / Drosscillator
Mastering: Rashad Becker
Photography: Judith Goodman
Art Direction: Ecka Mordecai
Graphic Design: Lewis McLean