Miki Yui

Miki Yui´s work deals with the memory of lived events. Focusing in particular on images and sounds, it reveals the trace, or wake, that these leave behind as they fade.

Miki Yui

Born 1971 in Tokyo.

Japanese artist, Composer, Musician based in Düsseldorf Germany.

“Miki Yui´s creations emulate nature´s own structures, and they go well beyond

trying, they succeed where others fail. Her music is not a river, in fact it overflows in all directions imaginable, and it seems like the sounds and their interaction describe a kind of natural evolution.

It´s like watching a web woven in time-lapse, or mashroom or butterfly. Instead of the camera or the microscope it´s the microphon capturing the proceedings from close-up. Thus we experience the energy and life itself, unbridled and unrelenting.” – Detlef Weinrich, Tolouse Lowtrax

„Miki Yui´s work deals with the memory of lived events.
Focusing in particular on images and sounds, it reveals the trace, or wake,
that these leave behind as they fade, after having appeared (in the former case)
or been produced (in the latter).“ –
Carlo Fossati, e/static

„Starting from a perception of the faintest sounds and noises,
Miki Yui develops pieces of music, drawings and sound installations
that are subtle references to existents.“ – Erich Franz

Releases by Miki Yui

Miki Yui
Boundless solar oscillations in exquisite cycle; this new record from Miki Yui is as playful as it is mesmerizing.
Mills on Cusp Editions

Cuspeditions warmly welcomes Japanese artist Miki Yui to the label, with a work delicately crafted from field recordings, synthesizer, solar oscillator and sampler. Yui is known for the unique nature of her music (apparent also in past collaborations with Rolf Julius, Rie Nakajima and Klaus Dinger), and whilst Mills retains the subtlety and sensuousness of her earlier works, these new coherent and lucid compositions are charged with a narrative tension we’ve not heard before.

Dial Sun opens the album as an early morning call. Sounds flicker and flop, not a care in the world, amidst scraping and intimate electronics, escalating toward a frenzied outro.

The subdued unwind of Granite follows on in a laminose exploration of metallic samples upon fragmented melody, fleeting and windswept as a lost memory. The hollow-sounding language of sputtering synthesizer and warped samples creates a rhythmic strangeness in the album’s shortest piece, Salute.

Otherworldly overtones with a cooler feel characterize Mica where long elegant feedback slides between dissonant swells, thick and granular as though emerging from electronic canyons.

Solareo is the album’s major work at 13 minutes long, and invites the listener to meander through dense almost reggae like chord-beds, slow pulses and a raucous of bizarre synthetic glitches.

The cyclic reprise of Dial Moon returns to the playfulness of the opening track with dancing rhythms and turbulent hooks. Tones like whispers fade into quietude, toward a silence warm and balsam.

Miki Yui’s harnessing of solar energy, both materially and symbolically, feels like a joyous salute to the sun in all its manifestations. We couldn’t be happier releasing it into the spring!

released May 1, 2018 on LP / CD / DL
music by miki yui 2016 – 2017
mastering by rashad becker
front cover: hebarium from kenya by stefan schneider
many thanks to all of you for supporting my music!
all rights reserved © miki yui 2018